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posted by [personal profile] windsorblue at 11:45pm on 06/01/2012 under , , ,

Another set of resolutions. Or goals. Or a fresh to-do list. Or missions. Or just general life changes I want to make. Ahem.

Thing 1: I need to get my financial shit together. I started an account at Mint, which has a lot of budgeting-type tools that I need to become friends with, because creating a budget has never been my strong suit. I have one more credit card debt I want to get paid off this year, and I still have lawyer fees hanging over my head from the divorce. Ideally, I'd like to get both of those settled by the end of the year. BUT. I haven't had a raise since about 2008, so having extra money to pay off debt instead of just make the minimums is a bit of a trick. So I need to save where I can in other places (more actively than just clipping coupons, self) and bring in more money. Which leads to Subthing A.

--> Subthing A: Be more proactive about getting freelance work. I have one freelance client in particular who says he's going to have a lot more work coming my way this year, which is great, but I can't let myself get complacent and put all my eggs into that basket. To that end, I've started a portfolio blog-thingy at tumblr (feel free to friend over there if anyone wants to!). This in turn leads to Subthing B.

--> Subthing B: In order to make sure I still like design and don't burn out on it, I'm making a goal to do little projects that I wouldn't be able to do for work. Feed my own creativity, as they say. The first little project is a cube calendar for January and February. My goal is to do one every two months.

Also part of Thing 1: it's time to come to grips with the next five years or so and how they're going to go. The boy will need braces. Soon. He'll be getting his license in about 3 1/2 - 4 years, which means there'll be another car to pay for, gas up, and insure. (No, he's not getting a shiny brand-new Charger when he turns 16, no matter how much he wants one. He's also going to have to learn basic automotive maintenance so he can keep the old clunker he will get running.) And pretty soon after that, it'll be time to start shopping for colleges...and since it looks like by the time he's ready for college, the CSU system will be hovering around $10k a year (*faints* - seriously, wtf, state of California)...yeah. More freelance work, a better portfolio with more depth, and possibly start looking for a new job this time next year, if the current job hasn't gotten off the stick and started giving out raises again. Which leads to Thing 2.

Thing 2: Work stays at work. No more bringing it home with me - they're not paying me enough for all my time. This is the weak point in my plan, because lately the overlords have gotten a lot worse about not meeting deadlines they need to make so I can meet mine, which leads to me bringing work home with me so I can save the day. I'm going to have to walk a fine line between being a total harpy about keeping to schedule and being Scotty with my amazing last-minute-saves ability. So work stays at work, and home time has to be devoted to freelance jobs and maintaining my relationships - the beau, my mom, and the boy. Overlords will just have to change their ways...or pay me more so I don't need the freelance work. Ahahaha.

tl/dr: Resolutions blah blah, I made a thing!
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