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The boy's X-Box headset isn't working right - the speaker appears to be on the fritz, so he can talk to his friends through the thing, but he can't hear them talking back, so he has the sound going through the teevee. All of which means I'm getting quite an earful of the sort of conversation that 13-year-old boys have with each other. At one point, one of the boys was singing a jaunty little tune of his own devising, which went something like this:

Fuck you, suck my dick.
Fuck you, suck my dick.
Fuck you, suck my dick.
Fuck you, suck my dick.

And so on.

So after about three verses of this, I ask the boy, "Do you go to school with this kid? Is he your age?"

"Yeah," says the boy, "But his parents don't speak any English, so that's why he talks like that."

...okay, then. I think he meant, that's why he gets away with talking like that, but whatever. Anyway, after four or five more choruses of the "Fuck you, suck my dick" song, I say to the boy, "If you have to keep asking over and over like that, it's not gonna happen."

The boy cracks up. And then he says into the headset mic, "Dude! My mom can totally hear you!"

There was a moment of silence. And then four boys proceeded to die laughing, while one said, in a chastened voice, "Oh, crap! Sorry, man! Sorry!"

I might be enjoying being the cool mom a little too much. >.>;;
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Conversations with a boy about today's release of Battlefield 3...

Two weeks ago:
Boy: Wouldn't it be funny if I got strep throat or something on the day Battlefield comes out?

Me: ...the only way you're staying home from school that day is if you're puking up blood.

Boy: I know! I was just'd be funny, right?

Two days ago
Boy: There's the level in Paris, and I think there's one in New York, and then when Modern Warfare 3 comes out, it's got one in Paris, one in London, and one somewhere in Germany...

Me: Someday we should visit all the cities you've had virtual battles in.

Boy: ...that'd be a long trip, Mom.

This morning:
Boy: Battlefield is really a multi-player game, Mom. It's a great game, but it just doesn't have the cinematic single-player experience you get with Modern Warfare.

Me: O.o;; *thinks* "...cinematic single-player experience"?
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So, the boy broke a finger playing football.

I knew I shouldn't have let the kid play football in any way, shape or form... )

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The boy has taken to watching video game walk-throughs on YouTube. And while he was doing so the other day, he stumbled upon episodes of the Kirby anime. He watched a couple of them in English, and then I came downstairs from putting a load of laundry in the machine and he was watching one in Japanese. So I asked him if there weren't any more in English, and he said, "No - there are. These are just more cool."

me: They are?

him: Yeah. The story's better, and they're longer, and...they're just more cool in Japanese, Mom.

Apparently, I am raising a Subs Over Dubs Snob. Between this and the minor Fanboy Snit he had over the end of Clone Wars Season 1 ("There won't be any new episodes all summer! Don't even talk to me about it!"), I think his fate is now sealed. XD
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June, thus far, has looked something like this:

Last Wednesday: City Finals, Game 1 - the boy's little league team
Last Thursday: City Finals, Game 2
Last Friday: Fourth Grade Band Concert (I suspect this is the last for a long while - the boy kind of hated band and is vaguely resentful that I made him live up to his word and finish out the year)
Last Saturday: Birthday party
Last Sunday: The beau's birthday (technically was Saturday, but we did fun stuff for him on Sunday)
Monday: City Finals, Game 3
Tonight: City Finals, Game 4 - if they had won this, we'd have had another game on Saturday
Friday: Fourth Grade field trip to Sacramento - must be at the airport at 4:30 in the a.m., great googly moogly.
Saturday: Birthday party, possible pizza party for the boy's team; pass out and die of tired (I am now having to schedule time for this)
Sunday: Disney reunion
Next Monday: Collapse on desk, possibly get fired for sleeping on the job

cut for baseball blather )

And now to bed, before I ruin this precious family moment by faceplanting into the keyboard.


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