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So this evening, the boy was talking about his geometry teacher, and how whenever the answer to a problem they're doing in class is "69", the teacher will say "Maturity check!", and there will be much snickering and whatnot, because junior high. And I laughed and said that was funny, even though I was thinking, welp, I wouldn't pass that maturity check, and I know at least a couple dozen other "adults" who wouldn't, either.

It took me about five minutes before I came to a realization. "Hey, wait a minute," says I. "Since when do you know what 69 means?"

...which earned me one of the more epic teenage eye-rolls I've yet received.

...well, then.

(Side note: The geometry teacher's name is Mr. Johnson. Maturity check!)

(Side note the second: When the boy's father and I were baby Tragic Kingdom employees, there was a ride in Tomorrowland called Mission to Mars. The queue area for Mission to Mars featured audio-animatronic figures in a "Mission Control" scene, and the lead scientist at this Mission Control was an audio-animatronic in a lab coat and a suit named Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson would explain to you about how you were about to fly all the way to Mars and back, and it was therefore very important to the mission that you keep your seat belt fastened even though you weren't actually traveling anywhere. The boy's geometry teacher bears a remarkable resemblance to that audio-animatronic, which his father and I both noticed/commented upon/were slightly alarmed by. All of which makes the idea of him calling out "Maturity check!" in a classroom full of seventh- and eighth-graders all the more bizarre/hilarious.)
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The boy is home. Judging from the pictures, a fine time appears to have been had by all. And now he is utterly passed out on the couch.

After a long day of traveling, it's nice to come home and sleep on your own couch.
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- Have missed three Tuesdays in a row. I blame a combination of not much to talk about and a surplus of work to do. Also, lazy.

- This deal with Disney owning Star Wars is getting worse all the time. Not happy about the end of The Clone Wars, not happy about Star Wars 1313 never seeing the light of day. Thanks for the reminder, Disney, of why I quit you.

- Speaking of Star Wars, the final four in their March Madness tournament are Yoda vs. R2D2 and Vader vs. Boba Fett. I want to see R2 vs. Vader so badly.

- The boy heads out on a school trip to D.C. this weekend. I wanted to go, but no parents allowed - only school staff are chaperones. :/ Probably for the best - I think half the reason he's excited about going is that he gets the better part of a week away from me, dad, and stepmom. We're ruining his life, don'tcha know. Mostly by existing. Plus, I probably couldn't have afforded a second ticket on this trip. So anyway, he's going. And the beau is taking me out on a date one night while he's gone, like the grown-ups do. :D

That's all I got.
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Missed my Tuesday posting goal again, but I don't actually have anything to say, really.




We're fine, we're all fine are you?


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