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Because one of my friends on Facebook reminded me that the "Starbuck and Starbuck at Starbucks" picture was a thing that existed, and joked that it sucked because they had forgotten my dog.

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Starbuck had to have another mast cell tumor removed today. A very small one - we caught it very early - but still, the second surgery in about 6 months. She's home and dozing. Since this one was on her inner back leg, she's kind of having a rough time moving around. She ate a bit (I had to feed her from the dog food can with a spoon, but she did eat) and drinks some water when I offer it to her (and by offer it, I mean hold the bowl up to her face area), but what she seems to mostly want is someone to curl up next to.

(I had a great-uncle who used to say he hoped to be reincarnated as a dog living in a member of our family's household. We should all be so lucky.)

Stressful week at work, and then this weekend was stressful too, both with the dog, and with the beginning of soccer season. The boy is both playing and refereeing. So he had to be at the field at 8 am to ref, came home long enough to change jerseys and socks, and then back to the field by 10:30 to play. Then home again long enough to grab some water and back out to another field for official opening day pictures. By the time we got home we were sweaty, sunburned, and exhausted. His dad is hanging out at the games he's refereeing for a few weeks, just in case he runs into any crazy parents. This is a relief. For all his faults, I'm pretty sure the boy's dad wouldn't hesitate to stick up for the kid to a parent going nuts over a call.

I'm going to have a nice glass of sangria and then crash. A meme is just what I need right now so I don't have to think.

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So here's how the last couple of weeks went at my house:

Hyper dog still hyper, even with a chest full of stitches... )

The good news: stitches came out yesterday. There was rough-housing today. All is right with the world...or at least, the occupants of this house. For now.
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Good news!

Starbuck's tests came back - the surgery took care of all the malignancies, nothing spread into her lymph nodes. She's going to be fine.

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Starbuck had surgery today for two mast cell tumors on her belly. They were pretty small, so I'm hopeful that it will all turn out okay, but we still have to wait until Saturday or Sunday to get her lab results back. She's home, and she's got a scar that she'll be able to tell awesome stories about to the other dogs at the dog park, but since it's on her lower chest/upper belly region, the vet recommended we put her in a t-shirt so she could lie down without aggravating her incision area.

So she's wearing an old Bar Sinister t-shirt of mine. She's not particularly happy about it, and the look on her face when I put it on her suggested that there was a special hell for people who tormented dogs by putting people clothes on them after they've already had a terrible awful no good very bad day. But she is able to lie down and look comfortable, instead of the stiff-legged awkward thing she was doing right after we got home.

I've been joking around for a while that I should make her a Viper pilot cosplay jacket - maybe I should actually get off my ass and do it!

Special. Hell.


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