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I think I have mentioned here before that I went to a teeny tiny high school that was mostly populated with kids who were equal parts smart and socially inept. Of course, the older we got, the harder we tried to not be socially inept, but being smooth and cool in public is a hard skill to learn.

Our school was too small for athletics, so it wasn't like we had rivals or anything like that, but our campus was just a few blocks from the campus of a regular public high school called El Modena. When some of us became old enough to drive, we started venturing out in groups after school. Most of the time we ended up at the Swenson's Ice Cream place down the street. For a time, it seemed like every time we went to Swenson's, we'd encounter some kids from El Modena, and I'm pretty sure they could smell awkwardness on us and there were rude words exchanged often. Not to say we ever got into any physical fights, but there were words pretty regularly, and I distinctly remember feeling like they saw right through us - like they knew we were weird kids from that weird school, like it was obvious we were not anywhere near as cool and smooth in public as we were pretending to be, and they were damn well going to put us in our place.

The point to all this is that the Frosh/Soph soccer team the boy is on played El Modena this afternoon. Final score: Brea-Olinda: 5, El Modena: 1.

It was deeply satisfying to see my son's team kick El Modena's asses. Deeply.
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So the boy and his X-Box buddies have started using "PR0N" as a clan tag. I raised an eyebrow at it when it came up, but have pretty much left it alone because I figured if I made a big deal about it, he'd just keep it on there longer, because teenager. Sunday when his friend was over and they were playing on X-Box Live, someone asked what it meant. Much Beavis and Butthead-style giggling ensued.

"Yeah, buddy," says I, all sarcastical-like. "What does 'PR0N' mean?

More teen boy laughing. "Guys, my mom wants to know what it means..."

"Tell her it's Chinese!"

"Yeah, yeah - mom, it's Chinese. You wouldn't understand."

"Chinese, huh..." says I. "That's funny, because according to the internet, it means 'porn'"


"Look, I don't know how dumb you think I am, but let me assure you, I'm not that dumb."

Tell her it's Chinese...for Christ's sake...doesn't this kid know who I am?
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I have a nerd confession to make.

There are whole comms dedicated to this sort of thing )
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I was plugging away on a whole thing about Star Wars and it's future with Disney, but it was getting long-winded and rambly and could pretty much be summed up thusly:

I have high hopes for new Star Wars content, because for years Disney has been aching to hook little boys in the same way the Disney Princesses have hooked little girls, so I'm optimistic that Disney will be willing to spend the money and time to do Star Wars well. Whether or not this will work to hook little boys is a discussion for another time (it won't), but with that as the goal, it's in Disney's best interests to throw metric shit-tons of money at future Star Wars content to make it as awesome as possible.

That said, now that JJ Abrams has been named to direct the next Star Wars movie, I have but one request of the universe, and that is this:

"Who wins in a bar fight - Han Solo or James T. Kirk?"

Let's get this settled once and for all.
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Bah, I missed my Tuesday posting goal yesterday. :/ I was pissed off about work stuff, so it's probably best I didn't make it.

Thing 1: Fringe. The ending. It made me cry about 15 buckets of tears.

spoilers )

Thing 2: I'm still pissed off about work stuff. I'm attempting to keep my head down and my powder dry, but still pissed off anyway.

I had a Thing 3, but now I'm tired and distracted by the hilarious mental image of Walter being the future savior of strawberry milkshakes.
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I had this grand notion that I was going to post something every Tuesday, because what's New Year without a few resolutions that start out well-intentioned and then flame out into the combined abysses (abyssi?) of being overwhelmed by everything in the world and intractable laziness?

Sure, it's technically Wednesday. But I haven't been to bed yet, so still Tuesday. Never mind the other resolution about getting more sleep.

Random things:
- Over the holiday, I learned how to make tamales and hot toddies. Not at the same time, though. Neither one was as complicated as I thought.

- I have also resolved to drink more water. Hot toddies have tea in them, which is mostly water. And the brandy should help me sleep better. Synergy!

- I have also also resolved to work on my credit score this year. Tamales, hot toddies, and more sleep will do nothing to help this along, which is why being a grownup sucks.

That's pretty much it. I...don't really have anything particularly awesome to say. But it's sort of Tuesday, and I am posting something, so now I feel accomplished. \o/


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