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Hi, I'm still alive. Very, very tired, but still alive. The magazine project that was at Kickstarter a couple of months ago has funded, and so now there's much work to be done. Much work. So hooray for some extra walking-around money, but wow am I tired. Funny how your well-over-40 self cannot pull off the late nights as well as your 20-something self did. If you're interested in the magazine, please do go check it out!

Now that soccer season has ended at school, the boy has joined the track team and is starting up with a club soccer team (outside of school). There was a parent meeting for the track team last week, and the handout the coach gave us included this phrase: "Most of our athletes will need to consume 2500-4000 calories per day." O.o;; So...I just give the kid a bag of Doritos and a cheesecake for breakfast, then? In all seriousness, though, we have reached the stage where his lunch bag is pretty much just a grocery bag full of food. So glad he's not big on sodas.

New Clone Wars episodes on Netflix this week! Although I suspect that the characters I wanted to see better endings for aren't getting them. :/

Speaking of Netflix - I started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had never really sat down and watched the whole thing - just a few episodes here and there. So now I'm trying to do the whole thing. I'm a few episodes into S5, and I know there's about to be horrible senseless trauma, because I am a human person who participates in geek culture, and therefore has a decent outline of the plot going in. Pretty sure it's still going to be horrible and senseless, though, since Gilles and Joyce are kind of my ship for this show. I'm probably responding a lot more to the adult characters because I'm watching it from a parent point-of-view. All that said, though, I'd like to state that I deeply dislike Angel, and it's probably because my inner mother-of-teenager is going "What? Him? NO. NO, I FORBID IT. YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER."

See? Tired.

tl/dr: Hi, I'm still alive.
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I've been freelancing for a small tabletop gaming company lately, and they are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to launch a bi-monthly magazine that will feature new science fiction and a pull-out tabletop game in every issue. The Kickstarter campaign is here.

If this thing takes off, we'll be taking ongoing submissions for stories and art. Mostly hard sci-fi or speculative fiction - submission guidelines are here.

(I will have no say in what gets published, story-wise, but I thought some of you guys would be interested in taking a look!)
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Thing one - knocked a bottle of olive oil off the top of the fridge and onto the kitchen floor this morning whilst trying to get my ass out of the house in something close to a timely manner. Used a vinegar cleaner to mop it up. Kitchen now smells like salad dressing.

Thing two - We have CS5 at work. Illustrator decided about halfway through the day that the file I'd been working on most of last week and part of this morning was no longer to it's liking. I tried restarting Illustrator, closing down every other running program, restarting the computer - no thank you, says Illustrator. I refuse to recognize all this lovely RAM you have available for me to use and will instead taunt you with this error message that you don't have enough RAM. Because I am Illustrator, and I will not be ordered about by the likes of you. I reject your RAM and fail to substitute my own.

So now I have downloaded a trial copy of Illustrator CC on my home machine, and am attempting to open the naughty file just long enough to delete a couple of unneeded layers and re-save it as a CS5 document. Also going to attempt to get a halfway decent jpeg or PDF so's I can have a draft, at least, to show the client at the end of the week. If the thing still won't open on the work machine tomorrow, I may have to break it down smaller files which can be tiled when it comes time to print. Damn you, Illustrator.

Thing three - Tomorrow morning I have to go by the boy's new high school and pick up registration paperwork. I thought I'd registered him online, but apparently that was more of an aspirational thing than I'd realized...? I honestly don't know. All I know is I'm supposed to go pick up a stack of paper which will somehow be applicable to the process. Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

I'm too sober for all this.
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Bah, I missed my Tuesday posting goal yesterday. :/ I was pissed off about work stuff, so it's probably best I didn't make it.

Thing 1: Fringe. The ending. It made me cry about 15 buckets of tears.

spoilers )

Thing 2: I'm still pissed off about work stuff. I'm attempting to keep my head down and my powder dry, but still pissed off anyway.

I had a Thing 3, but now I'm tired and distracted by the hilarious mental image of Walter being the future savior of strawberry milkshakes.
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Another new year, then )

tl/dr: Resolutions blah blah, I made a thing!


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